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Healthy Living Discussion

In partnership with the Vetri Foundation for Children, Dream Camp has created a healthy living program for students during the five-week summer camp program.  The healthy living program includes regular exercise and a nutritious diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, fish, and healthy alternatives to desserts.  The program has had a tremendous impact.  Dream Camp has seen a transformation in the students with regards to their behavioral infractions and attitudes, as well as weight loss.


In July 2012, Dream Camp hosted the Healthy Living Discussion.  Dream Camp parents and families were invited to participate and learn about ways to integrate this program into their daily lives. Families were welcome to ask questions and establish a dialogue with the chefs of the Vetri Foundation for Children about how to improve the health of their families year round.


Families were also given cookbooks with all of the recipes for the meals made for the students over the five-week summer camp season. In addition, representatives from the Vetri Foundation for Children provided tips and advice on how to find produce suppliers close to home, how to afford healthy foods, and what to do with the raw ingredients.