Changing the world… One child at a time.

Poetry Project

This past semester, students in the fourth and sixth grade in the after-school program at Girard College were able to have an experience unlike any other we have offered before. Given an opportunity to learn different artistic styles through a photography class offered by Ms. Adina Shapiro, the students took what they learned and worked collaboratively to create their own photography style. After a few photo shoots, students then learned the art of editing to get the photo to look exactly how they imagined during their brainstorming classes.


Coinciding with the photographs are poems that were written freehand by the students. Each poem was written either through a writing prompt or based off a style the students learned from their individual sessions with Ms. Adina. The project took out students three months to complete and we were able to celebrate at the end of the program with a nice art display for fellow classmates, mentors, and teachers.


My Wish by Sakai


My Wish by Sakai
I wish the tall, delicate building behind me was all mine and it was one of the nation’s famous landmarks.
I wish if you looked closely into my eyes you could see two camouflaged snakes fighting.
I wish I created my own planet.
I wish I flooded the Grand Canyon and made it the world’s biggest pool.
I wish when I closed my eyes and opened them all of my troubles went away and most of the days were sunny.
I wish the eagles won a game.
I wish a stone on the very top of Mount Everest was frozen, struck by lightning and dropped into my hands.
I wish you couldn’t judge my wishes.
That’s right, you can’t because they’re all mine!!



Falling by Josette


Falling by Josette
I am falling
I am about to fall to the ground
I feel worried
I am 1000 inches from the ground
That is really high
Everything looks blurry
The higher I go, the blurrier the sky is the more scared I am
I am falling



Joy by Hafizah


Joy by Hafizah
Bored sometimes but not today
Today I’m feeling Joy
Joy is what I am
I live it
I love it.
It’s the word that means happy/excited in a way
But today is the day. When I just jump for JOY!
I hope everyday I feel like this Look at me in the air you know what I’m feeling…..



Hiding My Emotions by Mia


Hiding My Emotions by Mia
I am from the boys that look at me everyday, that sometimes make me feel insecure.
I am from the adults always telling me I can do better.
I am from my mom who yells at me when I am in the wrong.
I am from the boy that is always a wonderful distraction.
I am from the friends that put me where I am now.
I am from my bestie who is like a sister, the best thing I ever had that left me here to defend myself.



Dream by Tynesha


Dream by Tynesha
I dream everyday wondering what’s out in that world
Is it a city, a town, or just a village?
The dream I’m in is the Best one so far
I Am Living the moment in this dream It’s tough but it’s far from being the worst dream
I am not in the Dark, I stand out in my own Light
Wondering what’s in that sight I am Living The dream
It’s the best.



Shooting for the Winning Shot by Tazz


Shooting for the Winning Shot by Tazz
Shooting for the winning shot
Jump, shoot, swish
Shooting for the winning shot
Cross, run, spin
Shooting for the winning shot
Our team was down by two points
The score was 38 to 36
I ran, spun, and crossed
Then I jumped and shot for the winning shot



I am From by Kailah


I am From by Kailah
I am from my Mom’s nice voice
I am from my Grandma’s beautiful face I am from my Dad’s big hands
I am from my Uncle’s huge words
I am from Ms. Schonour’s teaching skills
I am from my Mom and Grandma’s great cooking
I am from my brother Ayden’s cute face
I am from the leaves on the oak tree
I am from the black dots on the cement stairs leading to my house
I am from the ringing bells when I open the door
I am from the marble stairs behind me
I am from the clear window on the building
I am from the words TRUE LOVE on my shirt


I Wish by Jada


I Wish by Jada
I wish one day that I could be someone
Someone in the world that can make it
Make it without a doubt
Knowing that everyone’s okay
Sometimes I feel out of place
Like I don’t belong, but I still can make it
Make It In This World!!
Because I am from Germantown my hometown
And I go to Girard College
I am from the mural in this picture
Because this where I’m From
Because this is what I Am!!



Being Me by Sade


Being Me by Sade
Being me is terrific
Being me is wonderful
Being me shows my personality
In this picture I am being me standing by a green door showing my cute, pretty face.
Being me is who I am
I have a song about being me Being me is so fun
Being me I am worth a ton Being me I am so clean
Being me I have some green Being me,
Being me I love being me Being me is who I am supposed to be
Being. It’s me



Unique by Randi


Unique by Randi
I am from the 6:30 morning wake up from my RA’s voice saying, “Ladies wake up.”
I am from the food in the dining hall that is very warm and okay.
I am from the students’ voices coming into the auditorium during band/choir rehearsal.
I am from the loud bell that sounds like a big pin being dropped.
I am from my teachers’ laughter and yelling like someone is on a scary rollercoaster.
I am from the running, swinging, sports, and double dutching that are going on at recess.
I am from the blue flower blankets on my bed at section.
I am from the Selena Gomez poster in my room showing I am a Selenator.
I am from my associates in section/school that are very funny.



The Real Me by Ayanna


The Real Me by Ayanna
I may be standing in the window But my mind is nowhere here.
I’m lost of words when you are near.
I’m wondering why girls are so catty makes me mad very, very badly.
I try to be as nice as can be show the real me
But I guess they can’t see. Next time you glance my way Find my personality.



Look at the sky...what do you see? by Deandre


Look at the sky…what do you see? by Deandre
Look at the sky…
What do you see?
I see a yellow bird, a green tree, and a black and yellow bee
If you have imagination you can see whatever you want in the clouds so
Next time you see some clouds use your imagination to see what is hidden and tell a friend


The Pose by Dejona


The Pose by Dejona
Posing, Happy Smiling, Looking Acting so
silly and playful Wondering about this long weekend
I may not
know it but, it might be special
Thinking about the trees behind me
They are swaying from left to right
in front of the beautiful SKY!


If I Ruled the World by Joshua


If I Ruled the World by Joshua
If I ruled the world I would be a pro-guitarist.
If I ruled the world I would make sure the planet earth is completely clean.
If I ruled the world I would ban hatred.
If I ruled the world I would make sure every person,
would have a blast with their lives and be what they plan to be in the future.
If I ruled the world Justin Bieber wouldn’t be known.
If I ruled the world I could write every girl in the world a love song that would take their full breath away.
If I ruled the world everyone, including you, would be in my photograph making peace with others.
If I ruled the world this poem you hold in your hands would be in America’s most beloved Art museum.



We would like to offer a special thanks to Ms. Adina Shapiro. Without her this project would not have been such a success! When given the opportunity to open up and speak freely, students rise to the occasion, and Ms. Adina never expected anything but the best from our students.


Each student was able to express themselves in a way that they were proud of their final work, and it was Ms. Adina who was there every step of the way to challenge them as well as to congratulate them.